Our Process to Streamline your Business Travel


What are your Objectives?


We will conduct a fact finding mission to determine just what objectives you wish to achieve. Initially we will meet with procurement and management teams to discuss the ultimate goals. We will then meet with all stakeholders including travellers and travel bookers. This is your first step into encouraging complete buy in. We will analyse all principal areas including:  travel policy, compliance, possible loopholes, authorisation and booking processes, turn around times, form of payment, supplier performance, hotel programmes, management information and technology utilised.


Current Policy, Process & Procedures Health Check:


Having completed our review and research we will provide you with a comprehensive travel audit, which will identify any risks for none compliance, lost savings opportunities, identify any areas of concerns to all stakeholders, current travel procurement process, service and performance of your appointed Travel Management Company including response times,  service and performance of your current preferred suppliers, current supplier deals, form of payment, booking methods, effectiveness of online booking tools, travel management data reporting, savings compared to routings and overall travel spend. Using our experience, skills and tricks of the trade, we will ensure the continued support, compliance and savings to your travel process continues over the years to come.


Travel Policy:


As part of our review and research project we will compare your travel policy and its aims to the experiences related to us to by the policy users. We will investigate how the policy works with your over all travel process, making reservations, authorisation process, preferred suppliers etc. and if necessary make recommendations or if required offer a completely new bespoke travel policy focusing on streamlining existing travel processes and improving communications to management, travellers and bookers. The secret of a good travel policy is to offer a positive effect to all stakeholders; travel bookers, travellers, budget holders, finance, Board of Directors. Many of our clients are still using our travel policy many years after implementation; some have made only minor changes in over ten years of usage; some regularly invite us back to re analyse current market conditions.


Preferred Suppliers:


We will review all preferred supplier deals with a view to comparing them with other similar marketplace contracts. We will suggest alternatives or savings opportunities depending upon the deals currently in place. Having spent over 30 years working in the travel industry we will apply the very latest knowledge and skills to support you in the achievement of your goals.


Soft Dollar Options:


We are always surprised by the number of our clients who ask “What are Soft Dollar Options?” If you are not already taking advantage of these many different offers of free travel and added value benefits and enhancements to your company then you need to take advantage of our travel review. By utilising our expertise we could save you money and even offer free travel. Several of our clients take advantage of tens of thousands of additional savings each year. Why not contact us to find out how?


Travel Marketplace:


The travel marketplace has never been more fluid with suppliers constantly monitoring sales down to the last seat or room and selling on a yield management basis which has led to costs fluctuating frequently throughout the day. Are your preferred supplier deals up to this pressure? We can show you how to maximise the current climate to obtain even greater savings on those already in place.


Our Goals for Your Travel Management:


Our customers range from SMEs with a single location, Countrywide multi location companies, Pan European all the way up to Global companies with representation in over twenty six Countries. Our record speaks for itself. We do not have a single customer that we have not increased savings whilst also improving service levels, improved terms and conditions, additional non tangible  benefits, improved process and procedures. Many of our customers have used our experience to save many thousands of pounds annually, not always from the usual areas of savings opportunities. We know where travel management companies and suppliers make their money. We know the routes they would prefer to steer you down so that they can maximise their earnings rather than offer you the savings that should be available to you. We can offer savings for airfares, car rental, hotels whilst also improving seat, vehicle and room availability, upgrades, free parking, free WiFi etc.

Travel Policy Analysis
Travel Policy Analysis
Service & Costs
Service & Costs