About Peregrinate Consultancy

Hello, my name is Chris Mollan, and I would like to welcome you to the site, and thank you for your interest in Peregrinate Consultancy

During a 30 year career in Business Travel Management I have developed a unique set of skills that allows me to understand both perspectives of the selling and buying of business travel.

This career has included Operations Director for a £100M+ Travel Management Company as well as European Corporate Travel Procurement Manager for the world’s largest automobile parts manufacturer, (responsible for a £26M travel budget and 90 locations across ten countries.)

I understand the abilities, constraints and goals for both sides of the relationship. By utilising these skills, I put process in place to maximise the relationship between Client, Travel Management Company and Suppliers.

This has a positive effect on your travel policy, encourages commitment of key stakeholders and ensures compliancy whilst maximising savings whilst improving service levels.

I am passionate about providing a quality service and cost savings. During my career I have consolidated travel across many UK, European and Worldwide locations. I have managed country level, multi-national and global sourcing and implementations. Each project has increased compliance, service levels, savings and efficiency.

Whatever your business travel needs, please get in touch.

Travel Consultancy
Travel Consultancy