Working Safely

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About the e-learning course

Working safely is in the interest and concern of all staff – both the employers and employees.
Although most of the legal duties fall to the employer, Health and Safety law is one of the few pieces
of legislation that places duties on the employee as well. There are three reasons for managing risk
at work that bring benefit for all concerned – moral; not causing harm to work colleagues,
legislative; the law requires it! – And finally financial; all accidents bear a cost to both parties.
Workers have an expectation to go home at the end of the working day not having been injured by
any workplace activity. Most workers feel that accidents are something that only happens to other
people. The reality is that too many workers are coming to harm by not observing Health and Safety
laws and not working to safe systems of work. That’s where our working safely course can help.
The course covers why we should work safely, defines hazard and risk, identifying common hazards,
improving safety performance and protecting the environment. Training is a big part of changing
attitudes towards taking risks in the workplace and can make a real difference.

This e-learning course is delivered online so you can work at your own pace.

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Duration 150 mins*

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