Successful Student Beats the Clock to get to College

Successful Student Beats the Clock to get to College

Jordan came to study at Peregrinate at the beginning of 2017. He quickly settled in to our unique approach to teaching and learning, and responded positively in our environment. Even though he didn’t have much time left, being in Year 11, he set himself goals, with the help of his tutors, to gain some qualifications, instead of leaving education with none at all. Jordan had found it difficult to engage with his studies throughout his years at mainstream schools. He was encouraged by the type of work he was expected to complete at Peregrinate and the excellent feedback and marks he was getting. He quickly became a successful student with 100% attendance, his own hard work and extra effort, he started to enjoy learning again, and with the level of support he received from our teaching staff, his confidence grew steadily, really boosted by gaining Entry Level 3 qualifications in Mathematics and English, (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).

Jordan decided to apply for a place at St. Helen’s College to progress and study Engineering. At his interview, the tutor explained that Jordan could definitely have a place there, but Jordan could join on a higher level course if he could achieve the next level qualifications in Maths and English. So, between Jordan and his parents, we offered to approach the school to see if they could support Jordan beyond the official Year 11 School leaving date in order to gain the next level which is Pearson BTEC Level 1.  We worked closely with the school who supported both Jordan and ourselves throughout this process to help Jordan become an even more successful student.

With the challenge set, and a place at college at stake, Jordan continued to work hard towards his goals and happily achieved Level 1 qualifications in mathematics and English and he eventually ‘left school’ at the end of July 2017. He is now enrolled on Engineering at St. Helen’s College. Naturally Jordan, his family, school and of course Peregrinate are all delighted that Jordan has achieved his goals. Jordan’s parents wrote to us to say ‘Thank you all for the support you gave our son.  Without your help Jordan would never have achieved his goal’.

At Peregrinate we strive to Inspire our learners so that they Enjoy, Achieve and Succeed. Jordan is testimony to the success of this philosophy. We hope Jordan’s educational progress continues, and we will be keeping in touch. Good Luck, Jordan, may you always:

Enjoy, Inspire, Achieve and Succeed in everything you do!