All Things Considered Theatre : Thought Provoking

All Things Considered Theatre : Thought Provoking

Peregrinate have been privileged to work with All Things Considered Theatre Group to present a thought provoking and educational play on Child Sexual Exploitation. The play called ‘Tomorrow Night?’ is an immersive and interactive performance which invites young people and school communities to take part in exploring themes of control, manipulation and choices directly associated with Child Sexual Exploitation.

All Things Considered have worked with young people,┬áparents of children who have been sexually exploited and service providers in the creation of their performance of ‘Tomorrow Night?’

‘Tomorrow Night?’ is a performance project for school communities that raises awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation. It aims to open up dialogue and create space for difficult conversations to happen between schools, young people, parents and the wider community.

The performance is supported by Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation and is funded by the Big Lottery.

A group of up to eight learners took part in the first performance which lasts just over an hour. The remaining learners then took part over two further performances. Peregrinate tutors and staff as well as a parent, and representative from Liverpool City Council APT also took part in the three performances. The first day was completed by a Workshop for all participants where the performance was discussed in depth and learners views and feedback obtained. Throughout the Workshop performers slipped easily in and out of their character to underline and affect the discussions. Everyone involved said that this was an excellent and thought provoking project and that they had gained valuable experiences from the two days.

Follow up is via a Legacy Session to be held later in November where all Learners, Peregrinate Employees, Other Schools taking part in these sessions, Safeguarding Officers and of course Parents will all be in attendance. Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation will also be taking part.