Appraisals – Purpose and Process

Most organisations are under pressure to improve performance, while managers are frequently being asked to get more from fewer resources.


At the same time, employees in many organisations are asking for better and more direct feedback on their performance. 


The first step to managing performance is to help managers and their team members focus on priorities within their jobs.


A good appraisal system allows an individual manager to achieve clarity with their team members about their precise job, the goals that should be achieved within it and the personal development of each team member.

The performance of an organisation depends directly on the performance of its key people.


Consequently, most progressive organisations have, or are implementing, a system of performance appraisal.


The first thing is to improve the dialogue between manager and team member about the essentials of the job – the expectations that each has about outputs and personal development.

Appraisals – Purpose and Process

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