Coaching in the Workplace

Coaching is carried out as a collaborative effort through two way conversation. The idea is to spend quality time with your staff; that is, to make the time together count so that your employees go back to the job ready to perform better and more self sufficiently.

When you coach your team, you are aiming to make these outcomes happen:

  • Drive performance results that meet the needs of the group
  • Build high levels of employee commitment
  • Develop employee skills and abilities
  • Challenge employees to perform to their best ability and as self sufficiently as possible
  • Increase productivity by maximising your resources
  • Build constructive working relationships with your staff
  • Maximise the use of your time so that you can have the greatest impact
  • Provide leadership to encourage progress not only today, but in the future
  • Reinforce quality performance and employee accountability
  • Make your life as a manager just a little bit easier

Coaching requires a continuous effort to make it part of your management practices.

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Course Information

Title:Coaching in the Workplace
Duration:3 HoursDelivery:Peregrinate Training Centre, client site or hotel

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