Effective Communication Training

How important is getting your message across to colleagues, employees, peers, boss, suppliers, clients and customers?


Your roles as cheerleader, advocate, negotiator, coach, setter of standards, and role model all demand that you are an effective communicator. So, commit yourself to becoming an expert and effective communicator.


You have more sources of information and more ways to communicate than ever before, and more are on the way. And you need to be an expert performer whichever methods you use.

How we are trained to communicate bears no relation to how people actually do so.


What really makes a difference when you communicate?

You can make a difference when you talk one to one, face to face, day in and day out. Listening and really hearing are vital.


Compared to the spoken word, most other means of communication are relatively ineffective, especially when taken in isolation.

Effective Communication

Course Information

Title:Effective CommunicationDuration:3 HoursDelivery:Peregrinate Training Centre, client site or hotel

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