Introduction to Management

What makes a good manager? For many it is someone who can inspire and get the most from their staff.

There are many qualities that are needed to be a good manager.

  • Be able to think creatively to provide a vision for the company and solve problems
  • Be calm under pressure and make clear decisions
  • Possess excellent two-way communication skills
  • Have the desire to achieve great things
  • Be well informed and knowledgeable about matters relating to the business
  • Possess an air of authority

Do you have to be born with the correct qualities or can you be taught to be a good leader or manager? It is most likely that well-known leaders or managers (Winston Churchill, Richard Branson or Alex Ferguson?) are successful due to a combination of personal characteristics and good training.

Managers deal with their employees in different ways. Some are strict with their staff and like to be in complete control, whilst others are more relaxed and allow workers the freedom to run their own working lives. Whatever approach is predominately used it will be vital to the success of the business. “An organisation is only as good as the person running it”.

leadership and management course

Course Information

Title:Introduction to ManagementDuration:3 HoursDelivery:Peregrinate Training Centre, client site or hotel

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