Team Building Training Course

Leading a group of people in a team involves many variables, including each team member’s personality, expectations, experience and ambitions.

Putting a group of people together can produce all kinds of outcomes – sometimes negative (conflicts, arguments, poor performance) and sometimes positive (great synergy, alignment, good results).

The role of a team leader or manager is to minimise the negative outcomes while maximising the positive potential of the team.

Few things are more satisfying in life than working in a really successful team. So, how can you get the right people in the team, how can you get them to work together and how can you raise their standards of performance?

Whether you are thinking primarily about your responsibilities as a leader or as a team member or – more likely – with both in mind, this session is designed to help you think and to apply the principles to your own situation.

Then the opportunity is yours to put it into action.

Team Building

Course Information

Title:Team Building Training CourseDuration:3 HoursDelivery:Peregrinate Training Centre, client site or hotel

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